Bitcoin Core Flags

If one sets daemon=1 in bitcoin.conf, is it redundant to also use the -daemon flag when starting. Yes.

You're interacting with the software, Bitcoin Core.

What Is Bitcoin Core (BTCC) ? And Why Its Importantbtcd is a full-node bitcoin implementation written in Go.

However, there are also a wide variety of flags that can be used to control it.

Mirror some JSON- RPC quirks of Bitcoin Core — NOTE: Discouraged unless interoperability issues need.

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setEngine(engine[, flags]); crypto.setFips(bool); crypto.sign(algorithm, data, key); crypto.timingSafeEqual(a, b); crypto.verify(algorithm, data, key, signature).


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Bitcoin core developer Gregor Maxwell introduces the concept of Coinjoin [16].

that is, lower reusage flags higher anonymity concerns. The second metric.