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Bter vs. Cryptsy, which is a better altcoin exchange? If you want to trade altcoins, where should you trade them? Here I present a comprehensive overview of both these exchanges, and you can make up your mind which exchange suits you best. First off, both Bter and Cryptsy are good altcoin exchanges that have proven that they are not scams. This is an important first step, considering the.

Bter is a Chinese Blockchain Assets Trading Platform established in 2012 by Jinan Manwei Information Technology co., Ltd. The objective of the exchange is to.

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24/03/2020  · Kraken Review. Kraken is a global Bitcoin exchange and supports most countries, including European residents along with residents of the United States, Canada, and Japan. A wide range of fiat currency deposit options are available, including SEPA, ACH, and wire transfers. Kraken offers excellent liquidity as its average daily volume is around $45 million So if you want to buy large.

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Sun Exchange Investing Platform OverviewBTER Exchange. 1 Follow. Overview Review 0. Due to the local policy in China. Fees. 0-0.2%. Deposit. Wallet Bank Transfer. Withdrawal. Wallet: 0-1% Bank Transfer. Links . Due to the local policy in China, BTER has to stop all the trading services before October. 20, 2017 and shutdown before October 31, 2017. History: BTER is another of the hybrid fiat to crypto and crypto to crypto exchanges.

While BTER might offer a crypto exchange in Papua New Guinea, we do not recommend trading there. It is one of our lower rated Papua New Guinea crypto exchanges, with a rating of 7.4/10. We do not suggest trading at any site rated lower than 7.5, because there are much better trading alternatives available for Papua New Guinea.

BTER is another of the hybrid fiat to crypto and crypto to crypto exchanges. Although they had a rocky start to 2015 with a severe security breach, they have.

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