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12/03/2019  · In October 2017, a SWAT team descended on Jameson Lopp’s house in North Carolina. Someone — it still isn’t clear who — had called the police and.

27 Jan 2020.

If you work in Bitcoin in 2020, you deserve to have all of your assets seized to pay for climate reparations. Should extend to all historical.

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Jameson Lopp is a Bitcoin maximalist that was victim of a swatting in 2017 (read more in this blog post). After that, he decided to be more cautious about his privacy, and he described this life changing process in this blog post. I highly recommend reading both blog posts to all Monero entusiasts.

The Cambridge Centre for Alternative Finance has released a tool that shows the distribution of Bitcoin hashing power around.

Copay Import Wallet (It’s much more complicated) but having this standardized means that if I make a wallet on Trezor, and import it into Mycelium or Multibit HD or Copay, the wallet will just keep searching balances for addresses in consecutive order until a large number of addresses with 0 balance start showing up, then it stops, assuming
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"Google searches for ‘Bitcoin’ halving have exceeded 300% of the volume seen before the 2016 halving event," as pointed out.

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2 May 2020.

An attempt at compiling a comprehensive timeline of Bitcoin's history as told via tweets. Please contribute any iconic tweets I might have.

Behind the Scenes with Jameson LoppJameson Lopp, is very well known in the Bitcoin space for his wide expertise on security, technology and privacy. He is maintaining and curating a Bitcoin resources page with links to valuable information on Bitcoin and since his house was swatted by police in 2017 after an unknown attacker reported a false hostage situation, he is a cypherpunk at heart. Jameson is the CTO at Casa, a company.

Jameson LoppVerified account · @lopp. Cypherpunk · Co-founder & CTO @ CasaHODL · creator of http://statoshi.

24 Feb 2020.

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