Now The Segwit2x Hard Fork Has Really Failed To


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If SegWit2X had happened, exchanges and wallets may have been off by a block when taking a snapshot- not a fatal thing, given that few users move their funds just at the time of a hard fork. But it seems for the SegWit2X attempt, block 494,783 was never actually mined, and according to this fork tracker , the network is forever frozen at block 494,782.

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25/11/2017  · The only way a hard-fork ever has a prayer of taking over the main chain is if it gets implemented in the most popular software programs used on the network (e.g. Bitcoin Core). This is what killed Segwit2X, despite seemingly having massive miner support. Note that the miners immediately capitulated; such easy capitulation does not lend much weight to the importance of the 90% figure.

18/11/2017  · Fork day was supposed to happen on or about Nov. 16. Not a single Segwit2x block has been mined since the anticipated fork date – at least, none that we know of so far.

14 Nov 2017.

The currency has now effectively evolved into an entirely new type of asset.

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a hard fork just a few months after implementing the SegWit soft fork.

20/10/2017  · “Segwit2X” completely failed as a compromise: the former party still performed a chain split via contentious hard-fork on August 1st, creating an altcoin called “Bitcoin Cash” or “BCash.

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9 Nov 2017.

The failure of the SegWit2x proposal has given more ammo to the.

One key takeaway is that it now seems clear that the base Bitcoin protocol is more of a.

For those who don't know, a hard fork is a protocol change that.

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SegWit2x Hard Fork Launches Today. We are about 5 hours away from block No. 501451, when the new version of the dreaded SegWit2x hard fork will launch. It will join Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Diamond and Super Bitcoin as the 5th Bitcoin fork of 2017. This new version has very little, if anything, to do with the original SegWit2x hard fork, which failed to launch in November.

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9 Nov 2017.

The highly contentious hardfork, which was considered an upgrade to Bitcoin,

of the plan, the chance of success for the Segwit2x hard fork is extremely low.

many different altcoins now that they no longer have a Segwit2x 'airdrop' of.

While the group that backed out on Wednesday did not cite any one.