When Is Bitcoin Forking Off? — Steemit

The internal Steemit cryptocurrency — named Steem, which has a value.

After forking off the Steem blockchain on March 20, Hive is now trading at a 20%.

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20 May 2020.

A new Steem hard fork seeks to remove dissenting community members.

created a splinter group called HIVE out of the ecosystem, it seems for good.

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70% of steemit employees where laid off. Why? I guess to cut costs but then I wonder WTF where those 70% of people doing because I didn’t see shit come out of steemit this last year other then a hard fork that pretty much did nothing to help the community or system. SMT or Smart Media Tokens now will no longer be worked on and wont be a thing. Is this true? Because I swear for the last year.

Hard fork is over and BITCOIN does not even gave a F**k about it. Going as strong as it always have been! LOL. #bitcoin #steemit . 3 years ago in #cryptocurrency by muda (36) $.

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9 Mar 2020.

That lack of central authority is the primary reason why we're into crypto. No more central banks to issue or destroy money out of thin air.

Some users boast they’ve made thousands of dollars using Steemit, but not all of that is tradeable today for money outside the Steemit system. Although the system does not use Bitcoin, one day a.

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Bitcoin SV in the long run is going to have the same fate as Bitcoin Gold. Doing the same with Steem one fork is going to die off a terrible death and one may continue to grow, but it is extremely doubtful that it would be the one that confiscates any funds. I will leave this platform entirely if this happens. I don’t want to worry about some benevolent witnesses who say I can keep my funds.

After the 23.6 million steem tokens were confiscated from community dissenters in a tit-for-tat Steem hard fork Wednesday, they were quickly diverted to Bittrex by an unknown individual (or.

04/06/2020  · When Justin Sun announced the purchase of the Steemit platform, along with 20% of the total supply of STEEM tokens, the Steemit team was stunned — they learned about the details of the acquisition along with the wider community. A centralized takeover of a supposedly decentralized passion project immediately took the shine off the whole project.